Patient discharged

1) Toilet of melancholy toi·let·of·me·lan·cho·ly [tɔjlət əv mɛlənkɑli]
noun place
A lonely, echoey space in which a child plays musical instrument and uses it’s sounds to immerse him or herself in comforting,  make-belief melancholy.

2) Ptosis pto·sis [ptosis]
noun medical condition
A(n) (inborn) medical condition in which a patient’s eyelid droops down due to the weakened ability of the levator and superior tarsal muscles to lift the eyelid. Usual causes include disease, old age and nervous injury.

3) Velvet Rage vel·vet·rage [vɛlvət redʒ]
noun emotion
Feeling a deep sense of shame and inadequacy due to feeling different, while appearing calm and flawless on the exterior.

4) Surrogate speak sur·ro·gate·speak·ing [sərəgət spikɪŋ]
Speaking in a foreign language that a person borrows to talk about topics that he is unable to touch on in his native tongue, in order to come to terms with them.

5) Weeping angel wee·ping·an·gel [wipɪŋ endʒəl]
noun person
A depressive friend who unknowingly shows you the way out of melancholy while seemingly oblivious to the way out himself.

6) Emotional shell shock e·mo·tio·nal·shell·shock[ɪmoʃənəl ʃɛl ʃɑk]
noun state of mind
A 24-hour period of near speechlessness in the aftermath of a quarrel of extraordinary proportions.

7) Maturity arbitrage ma·tu·ri·ty·ar·bi·trage [mətʃʊrəti ɑrbətrɑʒ]
noun phenomenon
A unique chance to capitalize on the lack of specific social pressures in a new cultural environment, to drastically grow your personality in a way previously impossible.

8) Amputative moult am·pu·ta·tive·moult [æmpyʊteɪt məʊlt]
noun phenomenon
The unfortunate relenting of an important talent or ability (associated with an undesired state of mind) in order to move on with life.

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